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Dear Dex,
After having come across a second hand copy of The Truth Vibrations, I have become intrigued by all kinds of alternative theories about the world, and now my friends are often posting links to conspiracy theory websites. I keep coming across the term “false flag operations”. What exactly are they?
Confused of Letchworth

Dear Confused,
Well, this should be obvious, really. They’re operations carried out in such a way as to make them seem to be the work of an enemy, usually to justify some action against your newly discredited opponent. A classic example being the burning of the Reichstag in pre-war Germany, blamed on the jews as an excuse to give further powers to Hitler and his Nazi party, but later revealed to have been the work of those same Nazis.
Many say the attacks on the twin towers was a false flag operation to justify the fantastically useful (for the Republican warmongers) “war on terror”. Not proven, but to my mind fairly convincing. Don’t take my word on it – look around you!
Your fears are being manipulated, seeker. If you open your eyes you’ll see that almost every “disaster”, “enemy of freedom” or “terrorist outrage” is really a false flag action to allow the military-industrial complex to seize more power, erode your rights and move faster towards its dream of a neo-fascist global super-state with the smiling face of an acceptable jolly dictator like Boris Johnson slimmed down for the American market.
This has been going on for some time. An interesting extract from David Icke’s “Remember Who You Are” recounts a story told b Dr Carol Rosin, an American aerospace executive who worked with ex-Nazi rocket scientist Dr Wernher von Braun in the 70s. Towards the end of his life he told her of a plan to introduce a series of fake enemies to justify the weaponisation of space – they would be, in order:
the Soviet Union; terrorists; third World “countries of concern”; asteroids; and finally the threat of an alien invasion.
Well, we’re right up to asteroids now, so when you hear about the dangerous little grey men, take it with a pinch of salt, and start stockpiling supplies and weapons. Which is ALWAYS a good idea.
I hope that clears that up.