f3b3445b-32e0-43bd-9d8f-b7a3ff74410f-620x372What the f**k is going on with our weather!?!
Yes folks, after the coldest march on record we’re cruising into a chill april, with no sign of that season we used to know as spring ( you know, lambs gambolling, green shoots everywhere, sap rising etc). Now I know folks have called me paranoid before, and probably will again, but that doesn’t mean I’m wrong.

“Global warming” has been replaced by the term “climate change”, and I for one can see why. It could be very soon we’re playing Ice Age Rampage for real in the frozen car parks of our temples of Mammon. Previous players will know what I’m on about here. If the cold weather’s caused by the jet stream being diverted, how soon before the gulf stream seizes up too? And that one’ll be irreversible. How does the jet stream get diverted anyway? Something to do with the massive spike in temperature in the upper atmosphere recorded just before it shifted?

Is someone messing with the weather? The tech now exists to seed clouds by spraying chemicals into the sky, and those guys up at HAARP have been laying down some heavy electromagnetic shit, but the real question, as always, is who benefits?
Gas companies announcing record profits after the scandal of price fixing has been swept under the carpet. Food and seed corporations making money hand over fist while prices rise, and governments bend over backwards to change rules about GMO crops. News corporations trading as always on fear while a depressed population continues to gorge on celebrity culture, cheap drinks and pornography.
Wake up sheeple! They want you asleep!