Edinburgh Halloween and the US Government Shutdown

Cross_Lighting_2005Ted Gas here, head of the AG Aspirational Eugenics Program. I’m very sorry to tell you that our scheduled visit to Edinburgh must be postponed until further notice. Your host, our dear leader Dex Sinister, deliriously exited by the apocalyptic potential of the US government shutdown was last seen boarding a submarine of Brighton Pier. He is now in deep cover across the water observing the 813% growth in right-wing ‘patriot groups‘ and the Ku Klux Clan re-branding project while awaiting the American Civil War pt2, or at least a massive #WorldSystemsFailure as the US defaults on its debt…

Apologies for any interruption this may cause to your own doomsday prepping. In the meantime you can follow us on Twitter for our occasional top tips on front-runner apocalypses. -For a second opinion check out the NG Doomsday Dashboard. For physical preparedness FEMA and the US Centre for Disease Control recommends preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse – as we all know, in this respect cardio is key! If you are currently awaiting rapture onto heaven/ascension to the 6th dimension we recommend you check your likely progress regularly on the Rapture Index.

See you all in the run up to Scotland’s Independence Referendum. Dex wouldn’t miss that for the world!