Apocalypse Gameshow Player Induction Form

By completing this player induction form prior to arrival at AG HQ, you save yourself, and us, precious time - time better used gaining a gaming advantage, preparing yourself for The End Of The World, or drinking in the bar - whichever suits your mood.

Completing your online induction earns you the equivalent of £2 in Apocadollars, valid for in-games bribes and gambling.



Phone Number


Have you played the Apocalypse Gameshow before?*

If YES - when?

If YES - what was the outcome?

If you survived, which apocalypse did you survive?

Health Issues/Disabilities

Political Affiliations/Union Memberships


Doomsday Outlook*

Angst* Strongly Disagree Disagree Dunno Agree Strongly Agree
The world will end in my lifetime
The illusion of freedom has ceased to be profitable, and we are now waking up to the reality of modern day slavery
The human race is causing its own inevitable extinction through wanton profiteering and warmongering
It's already too late - The Conspiracy took full control years ago
Faced with the awful reality of the modern world I feel like my mind is being squeezed in a vice


Delusion* Strongly Disagree Disagree Dunno Agree Strongly Agree
Society will come to its senses/technology will reverse the damage
When the end comes we will ascend to heaven/a higher dimesion if we are true christians/spiritually evolved
Free-market economy is working - standards of living will continue to rise accross the world
As long as I'm a good person only good things will happen to me
None of this is real




Assurance Waiver

Please sign. Non-signing applicants will not be admitted.

I have agreed to enter The Apocalypse Gameshow of my own free will, under no coercion from anyone. I understand that I may be required to participate in simulations of traumatic events, and I am prepared for the distress that this may cause. I understand that the scenarios herein are satirical fictions and have only superficial relation to the very real apocalyptic scenarios which may well play out in my lifetime. I am free enough from dogma not to be offended at jokes about my or anybody else’s religion, world-view or lifestyle choices. I will not complain as my human rights are temporarily removed for the purpose of entertainment. I refuse to take anything seriously, including myself.

I am*