Team Apocalypse

Dex Sinister (Gameshow host/prophet of catastrophe)

Monomaniac, suffering severe information overload, bouts of radical non-linearity and space/time glitching.

Outlook: Quantum Psychonaut

Angst/Delusion - 90/60

Usefulness/Calorific value 82/65

Physical Prep/Genetic Material 5/45

total 447
Agent SNAFU (Insecurity Strategist)

Fanatical meta-ninja, skills: inter-personal camouflage/chaos piloting. Obsession with special weapons and caffeine delivery systems. Provenance unknown.

Outlook: Doomsday Prepper

Angst/Delusion -95/30

Usefulness/Calorific value 55/15

Physical Prep/Genetic Material 80/30

Total 400
Agent Staines (Black Ops)

Salt-of-the-scorched-earth type. Loyal, unquestioning, with the mania of the recently converted. Exceptionally low self esteem combined with a limited capacity for independent thought makes him a valuable member of the team.

Outlook: Social Darwinist (depressed)

Angst/Delusion -80/80

Usefulness/Calorific value 47/60

Physical Prep/Genetic Material 70/30

Total 457
Ted Gas (Propaganda/Sonic Rays)

Oldest known associate of Dex. Infra-sound terrorist, skilled in paranormal maneuvers and copyright infringement. Unexplained fixation on Alan Whicker and a conspiracy of nefarious Belgians

Outlook: Short Selling Armageddon Profiteer

Angst/Delusion - 95/100

Usefulness/Calorific value 24/65

Physical Prep/Genetic Material 40/42

Total 446
Agent Omega (Post-Human Resources)

Longest serving member of team AG, specializes in discombobulation, IQ concealment and sanity surfing. Origins unknown. Purpose nebulous. 

Outlook: Crisis Junky

Angst/Delusion -80/85

Usefulness/Calorific value 36/35

Physical Prep/Genetic Material 35/50

Total 411
Agent Spencer (Psy Ops)

Manic and unpredictable, with an obsession for religious control systems and 20th century psychological experiments. Expert in de-programming, re-booting and data retrieval. Cannot be persuaded. Has an irrational fear of the number 23.

Outlook: Conspiracy Enthusiast

Angst/Delusion -90/35

Usefulness/Calorific value 29/25

Physical Prep/Genetic Material 65/40

Total 374
Agent Diamond (Financial Insecurity)

Disgraced investment banker and LARPer. Inventor of qualitative easing and the invisible cashpoint. Still wanted in Iceland for unspecified monetary infractions. Fond of champagne and cosplay.

Outlook: Depressive Hedonist

Angst/Delusion - 60/100

Usefulness/Calorific value 35/40

Physical Prep/Genetic Material 35/25

Total 365